The Vampire Bat Patch

  • $ 13.00

The Vampire Bat is a blood-sucking nocturnal creature which corresponds to the dark half of the year. It is inherently linked to blood and therefore a symbol of nature feeding on the very essence of life, that which flows through our veins and also gives us animation. Because of this ominous characteristic, bats have long been considered the familiars or alter egos of witches. Bat organs and body parts were common ingredients in various forms of magical work, for it was believed these remnants would imbue witches with nocturnal traits such as night vision and even the power of invisibility. Although these dark associations still abound, there are numerous beliefs in folk magic of the Americas that link bats to protection, love, and good fortune.

Back patch measures 8" x 12.5"

The Vampire Bat is original artwork drawn and screenprinted by Adrienne Rozzi.

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