Elementals Patch

$ 13.00

Four snakes intertwine and slither outward from a woodland wreath. Each serpent bares the mark of a different element; Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. Together, they embody the aspects of our physical world while, at the center of the drawing, the star represents the vitality and hopefulness of the human spirit. The serpent and wreath are both symbols of longevity, wholeness, and the continuous natural cycle of death and rebirth. In addition, the snakes head in four different directions, alluding to the idea of expansion and the act of absorbing all that is in your path. The symmetrical design of the drawing is also significant and exhibits the struggle for balance and the duality inherent in all of nature including ourselves, light & dark, good & evil, life & death, as above so below. Overall, The Elementals signifies the merger of the human spirit with the four essential elements, a spiritual union that spawns balance, enlightenment, and harmony.

  • Back patch measures 7.5" x 12.5"
  • Black Cloth with White Ink Print 

The Elementals is original artwork drawn and screenprinted by Adrienne Rozzi.

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