Anatomy of Sorrow

Anatomy of Sorrow

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Anatomy of Sorrow is the latest monograph by prolific and ifluential artist Daniel Martin Díaz, exploring a new depth of symbolism, mysticism and surreal iconography depicted in paintings, drawing, and prints. Drawing from old masters Jan van Eyck, Pieter Bruegel, and Hieronymous Bosch, both in subject matter and in the ancient egg tempera and resin oil painting technique, the works of self-taught artist and classically trained composer Daniel Martin Díaz possess a sincerity that foregrounds his deep devotion to revealing a higher meaning through painstaking craftsmanship. Through his application of a limited palette on distressed wood, his handmade wooden frames, and his expressive use of Latin text, Díaz's images thrust us into another time and place.

The artwork of Daniel Martin Díaz is a strange mélange of ancient and contemporary. Part religious icon, part emotionally laden and sorrowful lament.Raw Vision
Daniel Martin Díaz has been commissioned to create the album artwork for the multi-platinum band Good Charlotte. Díaz and his wife co-founder of their band Blind Divine are owners and curators of Sacred Machine Museum. Daniel Martin Díaz has been commissioned for the PBS documentary, The Forgetting: A Portrait of Alzheimer's; the CD artwork for the Atlantic Records multi-platinum band, P.O.D., which sold over one million copies; two large alter pieces for San Antonio de Padua Catholic Church in Guaymas, Mexico, the historic Hotel Congress proscenium stage.

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