Sibling Photograph

  • $ 10.00

Sibling Photograph

The first thing that drew me to this photograph was that remarkable chair.  The siblings in this photo look quite ready to part from their poses and go back to playing.  But I can't help but find myself captivated by their little faces.  There are no dates or markings on this photograph, but it appears to be from the lat 19th century.

  • Approx: 8" x 6" (Frame) & 4" x 5.5" (Photo)
  • Note: back has some scratched up parts, front is in beautiful condition.

Due to the age of the Vintage & Antique items we carry, many feature minor imperfections.  We feel these small blemishes only enhance the history that comes with owning such a treasured piece of history.  We do note if there is any significant damage, creases, cracks, etc.  Please feel free to reach out to us for more information on any piece, we are happy to provide more information or photos.

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