Original 1920s Bone Saw

  • $ 50.00

Vintage Original 1920s Bone Saw

Perfect for the Medical Oddities Collector, this 1920s Bone Saw boasts a very unique 'U' shape handle, and razor sharp teeth.  Rusted to antique perfection! Happy to take additional photos or provide any other info requested.  Also open to offers on this item.

  • Solid Metal 
  • Rusted

Due to the age of the Vintage & Antique items we carry, many feature minor imperfections.  We feel these small blemishes only enhance the history that comes with owning such a treasured piece of history.  We do note if there is any significant damage, creases, cracks, etc.  Please feel free to reach out to us for more information on any piece, we are happy to provide more information or photos.

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